Garten's mission is to support people with disabilities in their effort to contribute to the community through employment, career, and retirement opportunities.
Our actions increase society's awareness of human potential.


Marion County Mental Health
In collaboration with community partners, provides and purchases high quality services which promote individual and community health to all people in Marion County.
Polk County Mental Health
Providing a spectrum of services to children/adults who have mental retardation, developmental disabilities or a severe and persistent mental illness - including crisis/diversion, protective service investigations, individual service plans, family support, information/referral, and housing/employment support.
Yamhill County—List of Mental Health Services
Focused on first preventing the generation of the waste, then on the next best option of reuse, followed by recycling, composting, and energy recovery. Safe disposal is the last option, if none of the others is feasible.


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“Don’t accept that others know you better than yourself. Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results.”
~ James Allen