Garten's mission is to support people with disabilities in their effort to contribute to the community through employment, career, and retirement opportunities.
Our actions increase society's awareness of human potential.

Zero Waste Service


Garten Zero Waste Events help people reduce and recycle waste ... and MORE! We provide access to an effective way to recycle and compost at gatherings and events, large or small. We also employ people with disabilities to staff events and help educate others on various aspects of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Minimizing Our Waste Stream. Garten Zero Waste helps reduce the generation of trash. When you hold a Zero Waste Event, you demonstrate your dedication to reducing, recycling and composting items previously regarded merely as items to be discarded and disposed.
Employing People with Disabilities.  Garten Zero Waste is staffed by people with disabilities, fulfilling Garten’s mission. Zero Waste Events that include a contract for staffing see a Garten Green Team in action, supervised by a job coach. Whichever service level you choose, you can rest assured that your event will have a measurably reduced carbon footprint and it will embody social equity.
Seeing Things in a New Way “Zero waste” is a new way of seeing. Instead of viewing used materials as garbage in need of disposal, discarded items can instead be seen as valuable resources. These items represent jobs for people with disabilities, financial opportunity, personal independence and raw material for new products or other purposes.
Demonstrating Our Dedication to the Environment.  Garten is committed to sustainability. You can demonstrate your commitment to our environment by using our zero waste services at your events or gatherings. Choose from the four levels of service described at the right. We help people who want to make a positive environmental action know how to do it. Ultimately, everyone “wins”. 

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Clay Warner
Recycling Services Manager
Garten North Salem
503-581-4472 ext. 3309
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Garten Zero Waste offers four tiers of service:
Tier 1: Quick & Clean
Call Garten to reserve the zero waste containers to collect recycling and composting at your event. When you pick up our zero waste containers, you receive training on their assembly and use. Return the containers to Garten when your event is over.
Tier 2: Quiet as a Mouse
Garten staff deliver/set up receptacles prior to your event and pick them up when it’s over. This level of services by Garten staff carries a minimal fee.
Tier 3: Quite a Deal
Garten staff deliver, set up, then stay to staff the Zero Waste Stations during your event – helping the attendees choose the correct container and educating attendees about zero waste. After the event, Garten staff disassemble and haul everything away. A moderate flat fee is charged.
Tier 4: Quintessential
Adds to Tier 3 services by staffing your event in its entirety, from the planning stages through implementation—even clearing tables if you wish. This is the “Cadillac” of zero waste services! A fee for services will be charged.