Garten's mission is to support people with disabilities in their effort to contribute to the community through employment, career, and retirement opportunities.
Our actions increase society's awareness of human potential.

Dedicated to Sustainability

Garten has been recognized as a leader in recycling since the recycling industry first began to move mainstream in the 1970’s. Garten staff members have played key roles in the creation and passage of a number of important legislative measures that moved recycling from the sidelines, where it was an initially “idealistic concept”, to become a mainstream business practice in Oregon. Today, recycling enjoys a vigorous market.
In early 2006, the directors and management of Garten Services realized that recycling, though a vital and thriving business and a broadly accepted practice, is actually one aspect of a much broader set of business principles.
Sustainability offers a balanced approach that synchronizes economic, ecological and social forces. Sustainability ensures that we are able to meet our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs as well.
We believe that sustainability is likely to become the most powerful force of the 21st Century. Accordingly, we have chosen to commit both staff and revenue to explore the underlying concepts of sustainability and to identify tangible, measurable applications within Garten’s business enterprises, program practices and community partnerships.
It is clear to us that Garten’s stakeholders will also benefit from our conscious organizational shift to practices founded in sustainability.

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"Sustainability" means meeting our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to also meet their needs.